Dear participants,

We had questions form you. There are taken photos and videos about Fuwarica Rice-serving machine.
Please refer to following informations.

Question: Can teams supply rice with hands?
Answer: Yes. You can choose hand on or Fuwarica machine. Please remark that judgements weight with weight checker for evaluation.

Fuwarica motion

Fuwarica has sensor to detect bowl if it comes in front of dispensor.

The machine is prepared this style.

The motion of Fuwarica;
1. conveyor brings bowl infront of sensor and stops it.
2.Fuwarica detects bowl, then rice is dropped that was set in control panel.
3. The bowl is moving head to Foodly or your robots.
The video is supplying bowl with hand.

Rice weight and images

You can choose weight during the competition in panel of Fuwarica. Please see following images and weight.
However, please tell organizer before competition because we tell to judgements for evaluation. (Organizer ask you before the competiton.)

Rice 90g

Rice 100g

Rice 110g

If you have any question, please send us e-mail. We can prepare photos and so on.