Dear participants,

ICRA2024 is coming in next week.

We had a new questions and request.

Q:What is the difference between Technical challenge and Technical Demonstration?

The Technical Challenge is a time-attack competition to see how many pieces of fried chicken can be accurately placed on the tray within a specified time (mainly Technical Impression). The Technical Demonstration is a competition to see how beautifully the ikura donburi can be placed on the tray without any difference in weight. ´╝łThe evaluation will be based on the overall evaluation of both. However, since some teams compete in only one of them, the winner of the Technical Challenge and the winner of the Technical Demonstration will also be evaluated.

Q: It would really help us if we are given a scoring matrix for all these.

A: The evaluation of both competition as follows.

Evaluation in Technical Challenge

Number of pieces placed on each tray in time + points
Number of pieces dropped & more than 2 pieces placed – Points
Technical Impression by the judges

Evaluation by Technical Demonstration

The number of dishes to be served is determined as 10.
Deviation between the average of the total amount and the weight of the 10 plates
Amount of spilled salmon roe (weight)
Artistic Impression
It would be appealing to explain the serving style at the beginning of the demonstration with a photograph.
In this demonstration, you can choose whether the rice is served automatically or by a person.
If you can do it, you will get a positive evaluation in the Artistic Impression category.

Q: Who are the judge?

Now we ask to following professors and specialist.

Prof. Kazuyoshi Wada, Chief Judge
Prof. Kenichi Ohara
Specialist from Suzumo Machinary

We’ll ask for some other judgement from the site.