1. Join the Food Topping Challenge: Create the Future of Food Automation!

Ready to revolutionize the world of food automation?
The Food Topping Challenge is calling on innovative minds and talented AI Robotics teams to participate in an extraordinary contest that aims to redefine the future of food production.

2. The Challenge:

In an era where food factories have embraced automation for routine tasks and high-volume production, there are still certain tasks that continue to pose intriguing challenges.
Tasks such as delicate toppings and frequently changing menus require rapid adaptability – something that conventional machines struggle to achieve. They are quite normal for human operation, but it is hard tasks for AI and robotics.
Introducing the Food Topping Challenge, a groundbreaking competition that transports you into a meticulously recreated real-world food factory environment. Your mission? To harness cutting-edge technology and showcase the art of food topping using sophisticated robots.

3. The Goal:

Our goal is crystal clear – to give robots the ability to
perform practical and sophisticated actions that mirror the
precision and dexterity of human hands. We envision a future
where automation is seamlessly integrated with culinary
creativity, and the Food Topping Challenge is the launching
pad for this exciting future.

4. Why Participate:

By participating in the Food Topping Challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to

  • Develop innovative approaches to shape the next generation of food factory automation.
  • Compete with the brightest skills in AI and robotics.
  • Share the joy of technological advancement and the thrill of overcoming challenges.
  • Play a pivotal role in shaping the future of food production facilities.

5.Schedule and Quolification

January 31th, 2024 Declaration of participation
Mar. 15th, 2024 Technical Description Paper proposal
Mar. 31th, 2024 Notice of acceptance
May 14,15th 2024 Setup day
May 16th, 2024 The contest day

Due to location limitations, a maximum of 8 teams may compete. If there are too many applications, the committee will determine and notify the teams that will compete by referring to the Team Description. Such notification is scheduled for the end of March.

Are you ready to put your ideas and skills to the challenge?
The Food Topping Challenge is your chance to lead the way in the world of food automation.