The Food Topping Challenge(FTC) is held in ICRA2024.
If you apply this contest, ICRA2024 also requires registration for all team members.


January 31th, 2024 Declaration of participation
Mar. 15th, 2024 Technical Description Paper proposal
Mar. 31th, 2024 Notice of acceptance (a maximum of 8 teams may compete.)
May 14,15th 2024 Setup day
May 16th, 2024 The contest day


Pacifico Yokohama, Japan

About FTC

The Food Topping Challenge(FTC) is calling on innovative minds and talented AI Robotics teams to participate in an extraordinary contest that aims to redefine the future of food production. Participants can join with your robot or Foodly type R (torso type humanoid robot). We have two challenges that are “Technical Challenge” and “Techinical Demonstration”. Technical challenge is competition of speed to pick and place of fried chiken. Techinical Demonstration is the contest of beauty of topping of bowl meal “Ikura Don”.


Rules is here. Please check FTC and join us!